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Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL & Virtual

DATE: 22-24 Mar & 12-14 Apr 2024
Academy Director:  Lt Col Shannon Brumfield

Asst. Directors: Capt Michael Piwowarski & 1Lt Anna Vaughn


SER/CP will be conducting a hybrid (in-person and virtual) RCLS beginning 22 Mar 2024 and ending 14 April 2024. The 22-24 Mar and 12-14 Apr dates will be in-person. The three weeks in between will consist of virtual sessions, and some online sessions. 

This activity is a hybrid event. You must attend the in-person weekends and virtual sessions to receive credit for the course.

Program Goal: To develop in cadets the Phase III leadership skills (indirect leadership) outlined in the Cadet Staff Handbook duty expectations (ref: CAPP 60-13).  


In-person: 22-24 Mar & 12-14 Apr - Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL 

Virtual/Online: MS Teams


Because RCLS addresses skills relating to indirect leadership and company-grade cadet officer topics, participating cadets need to be cadet officers or cadets on the cusp of officership. Therefore, students attending RCLS should have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or higher. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the cadet applicant is a senior C/NCO, they must have a letter of recommendation from their squadron commander or designee as part of their participant application package.

Senior Staff Applications:

Southeast Region is now accepting applications for Senior staff. The deadline to apply is 18 February. Please see the following information and instructions.

If you are available and would like to help us, we are looking for the following positions:

  • Seminar Leader x2 (Senior Mentor to a group of students)

  • Admin Officer

  • Logistic Officer

  • Safety Officer

Instructors: This will be an as-needed position as we may have all the instructors necessary. If you are interested in being an instructor, please refer to the RCLS Guide for topics. Please let me know the topics where you are a SME.


Please send the following documents to rcls@ser.cap.gov:

  • CAPF 17

  • Letter of Intent defining the position you are applying for and why you are a good fit for this position.

  • CAP Resume

There is NO fee for senior members to help with RCLS.

If you have any questions or need clarification on the duties of the above positions, please refer them to rcls@ser.cap.gov.


Fee Schedule

$100 for students

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with payment instructions.

Application Procedures/Deadline:

To Apply, please follow the link below to the Registration Zone in eServices. Make sure to fill out the form for access to Maxwell AFB (a link is provided on the registration page) and upload all the required forms. When uploading your emergency contact and medical forms, please use the following naming convention, last name_first initial_form number (i.e., Doe_J_CAPF160i).

The forms must be in PDF format to upload. If you are a C/MSgt – C/CMSgt, you must also upload a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from your squadron commander or their designee. The LoR must be completed by someone who is not a family member. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email with further information and payment details.

Registration will close on 24 Feb 2024. You will be placed on a waitlist if the maximum number of applications are received.

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out the application in the Registration Zone does not guarantee you a spot. You must be slotted for the activity. Slotting precedence will be given to cadet officers, then to cadet NCOs.

Uniform Requirements:

UOD 22-24 March

Students will wear ABUs. Seniors may wear ABUs or corporate equivalent.

UOD 12-14 April

Same UOD as 22-24 March for Friday evening and Sat. For graduation on Sunday, cadets will wear SS Blues and Seniors may wear SS Blues or the SS Aviator combination.


Please refer to CAPR 39-1 for proper wear of uniform. Senior members, please ensure you are within regulations for height/weight/grooming standards before wearing ABUs or Blues. 

You will also need to bring a PT uniform. There will be a packing list with specific uniform items published for in-person weekends.

UOD - Virtual/online

ABUs for cadets and either ABUs or corporate equivalent for Seniors.



Travel to and from the activity is the responsibility of the participant.

Flights - If you are planning to fly, please let us know your flight numbers and arrival/departure times so that we can ensure we have transportation arranged for you.


More information will follow as details have been nailed down.

Friday, 22 Mar and 12 Apr

  • 1800-2000 - Student arrival and in-processing time for the two in-person sessions

Sunday, 24 Mar and 14 Apr

  • 1400 - Departure time for the two in-person sessions


Friday (22 Mar & 12 Apr): Supper - The responsibility of the student. Bring snacks to have for breakfast on Sat and Sun.

Saturday: Brunch and supper are provided by the activity.

Sun: Brunch provided by the activity.

Special Notices:

  1. There are still details that are being finalized. Please be on the lookout for emails with specific instructions for registration, payments, and any other activity specific information.

  2. The location of this activity is scheduled to take place on a military installation.  Due to the nature of real-world events, participation on a military installation can change as this Civil Air Patrol activity is considered a non-priority event. Although unlikely, it is possible that our facilities at the planned installation will become unavailable to us with short notice.  The event staff will work towards providing an alternate location should such a scenario occur. 


For general questions regarding registration, payments, logistics, etc., please use the form to the right. For more complicated questions please email rcls@ser.cap.gov, be sure to include your contact information and CAPID. 

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