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Region Staff College


Region Staff College

Region Staff College is the formal in-residence course required for completion of Level IV (Command and Staff) of the CAP officer professional development program. SERSC prepares selected CAP officers (normally Majors and Major selects) to better execute the duties and responsibilities associated with CAP command and staff positions at the Region and Wing levels.




CAP senior members who have completed Level III of the professional development program and currently hold command or staff positions at any level within CAP, are eligible to attend the SERSC. Others may attend on a space available basis with an approved waiver (See note below).


The Region Commander may permit attendance at Region Staff College prior to completion of Level III on an exception basis.  If an SERSC student is requesting a waiver it must accompany the CAP Form 17.  The Region Commander’s approved written waiver should be sent to the Director, Southeast Region Staff College prior to the course start date.

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