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Professional Development

Professional Development

To accomplish its missions, CAP requires an informed senior membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program trains members in these skills and prepares them to serve their units, their communities, and their nation.

Functional Address:  CAP SER/PD


Organization Of The Senior Member Professional Development Program

Five levels comprise the Senior Member Professional Development Program, they are as follows:

  • Level I, Orientation. Level I training provides the new senior member with information required for active membership in CAP.
  • Level II, Technical Training. In this level, the member acquires a technical skill and begins receiving basic training in leadership and management topics.
  • Level III, Management. Senior members desiring to serve in CAP management positions train at this level.
  • Level IV, Command and Staff. This level concentrates on members desiring to become leaders in CAP.
  • Level V, Executive. Those performing duty as commanders or staff officers train at this level.




For more information, please go to: CAPR 50-17 dated 04 June 2015

Upcoming Staff Colleges

The 2019 National Staff College will be held 25 Apr - 2 May 2019 at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL. For information on the course, visit THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 1 MAR 19.


The 2019 Southeast Region Staff College will be held 9-15 Jun 2019 at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base near Knoxville, TN. For more information, see

Level V Awardees

Congratulations to the following members of the Southeast Region who completed Level V in the Professional Development program in the last year.  This level of CAP career development is for those officers performing duty as commanders or staff officers.  As such only the most dedicated senior members achieve this level.  Successful completion of Level V qualifies the CAP officer for the Wilson Award.  This is the highest professional development award given to a senior member.  It honors Gill Robb Wilson, an airman, poet, writer, and founder of CAP. 


Unit Name Date
FL-001 SMSgt Scott L Jung 22 Jan 18
GA-116 Lt Col Thomas W McBroom Sr 13 Feb 18
TN-185 Capt Michael C May 13 Mar 18
GA-001 Lt Col Jonathan W Lartigue 3 Apr 18
MS-072 Lt Col Felix D Diax 30 Apr 18
GA-112 Lt Col Michael L Willis 10 May 18
GA-815 Lt Col David M Hamby 10 May 18
SER-001 Ch (Lt Col) Marcus L Taylor 16 May 18
AL-005 Maj Gilbert F Wright 21 May 18
GA-065 Lt Col Richard B Choate Jr 23 May 18
FL-259 Lt Col James W Martinez-Ruiz 22 Aug 18
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