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The Finance Directorate operates as chief comptroller for the region. Reporting direct to the chief of staff, the Finance Directorate engages in daily accounting practices to balance the books.
Functional Address:  CAP SER/FM



Region Staff Directed Updates

National Commander Directive Letter

  • White Paper information on Wing Banker Program


  • Wing Banker Program Presentation
  • National Board 2006 Wing Banker Presentation
  • NC Wing - Unit Finances
  • NC Wing - Consolidating Unit Finances
  • UCC Budgeting and Wing Banker Solution

Sample Forms

  • GA Wing Unit Advance Request Form  Word 
  • Pennsylvania Wing Check Request  PDF   ExcelExcel (Sample)
  • Pennsylvania Wing Deposit Form   PDF  Excel Excel (Sample)
  • Pennsylvania Wing Unit Finance Committee Authorization PDF   Word
  • Pennsylvania Wing Recurring Expense Policy   PDF   Word
  • South Carolina Wing Deposit Form  Excel 
  • South Carolina Wing Payment Request Form   Excel 
  • South Carolina Wing Unit Recurring Expenses Authorization Policy   Excel 
  • Virginia Wing Check Request Form Excel 
  • Virginia Wing Deposit Form  Excel


  • Wing Manual for Wing Banker Program
  • Pennsylvania Wing Unit Manual for Wing Banking Program

Links To Regulations

Financial Procedures and Accounting Report for Units Below Wing Level 173-1

Unit Financial Activity Log And Requisitions

Wing Banker Program

E-Tech - MTSU, 2019

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CAGS Expense Log, 2019

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NFA-G Expense Log, 2019

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