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Education and Training

Professional DevelopmentTo accomplish its mission, CAP needs an informed, active senior membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The CAP Senior Member Education and Training Program prepares members to serve their units, their communities, and their nation.” – CAPR 40-1 para 1.

Functional Address:  CAP SER/ET



The CAP Education and Training Program is divided into five levels. As members progress through these levels, they first receive instruction in the basic information needed as a CAP member and progress through training in leadership and management to prepare them to serve in command and staff positions in the squadron and at higher echelons. The CAP Education and Training Program is governed by CAPR 40-1.


On August 4, 2020, the Professional Development program was renamed the Education and Training program. The major component of this change is leadership training previously delivered by formal in-residence classes is now delivered through the more modular Volunteer University, which provided for completion of modules in an onsite, online, or blended/hybrid format. The curriculum is the same regardless of onsite or online format.

Information on the new program is available on the Volunteer University page of the CAP National Website. If you have access to the 2020 National Conference page, there are numerous breakout sessions discussing various aspects of the new program. Finally, if you have questions, ask your unit Education & Training Officer.

Volunteer University needs instructors! All instructors for Volunteer University must apply and be approved. We need instructors for all levels of the Education and Training program, so if you have an interest in joining the team you can apply here.

Task completion for the Education & Training program is logged in a new e-Services module. This is accessed by clicking on Menu, then Professional Development, then Professional Levels. Note that many tasks, such as serving on a staff for an approved activity, mentoring, or conference attendance require upload of some type of documentation. This can be a certificate, a participation letter, a memorandum for record, or something similar.


Congratulations to the following members of the Southeast Region who completed Level V in the Education and Training Program in the last year.  Only the most dedicated senior members achieve this level.  Successful completion of Level V qualifies the member for the Gill Robb Wilson Award.  This is the highest professional development award given to a senior member and honors Gill Robb Wilson, an airman, poet, writer, and founder of CAP.

  • SER-FL-021, Lt Col Larry E Rogers, 4-Jul-20

  • SER-TN-114, Lt Col Suzanne K England, 5-Jul-20

  • SER-SER-001, Lt Col Corey A Hamilton, 19-Jul-20

  • SER-AL-001, Maj Arnold C Staton, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-TN-087, Lt Col James P Duffy, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-TN-001, Lt Col Jason S Alley, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-FL-001, Maj Joseph W Highman, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-GA-001, Lt Col Michael A Crowe, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-TN-246, Maj Robert R Frase, 23-Jul-20

  • SER-TN-218, Lt Col David Dweck, 31-Jul-20

  • SER-AL-001, Lt Col Bart Nelson III, 1-Aug-20

  • SER-AL-135, Lt Col Benjamin M Booth, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-MS-109, Maj Eugene J Rogillio, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-PR-079, Lt Col Felipe Nazario, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-MS-001, Maj Jerry W Eichelberger, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-054, Maj Joshua J Risler, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-425, Maj M. Mia Ottesen, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-310, Maj Michael J Hively, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-011, Maj Susan J Barnett, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-001, Lt Col Yvonne Rodriguez, 9-Aug-20

  • SER-AL-029, Maj Gerald F May, 11-Aug-20

  • SER-AL-100, Lt Col Michael J Guthrie, 11-Aug-20

  • SER-GA-001, Lt Col Phillip O Snider Jr, 21-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-001, Lt Col Grace Stapf Gorevin, 25-Aug-20

  • SER-FL-066, Maj Stuart I Brownstein, 24 Sep 20

  • SER-PR-129, Maj Eduardo J Rodriguez, 8 May 21

  • SER-FL-383, Maj Stephen W Wall, 12 May 21

  • SER-FL-372, Lt Col Lawrence M Model, 13 May 21

  • SER-FL-116, Lt Col Nicholas F J Wyborski , 28 May 2021

  • SER-FL-310, Capt Peter  J Reehling , 06 Aug 2021

  • SER-PR-603, Capt Freddy J Del Toro Soto , 26 Oct 2021

  • SER-FL-376, Lt Col Marian I Motylszary , 21 Nov 2021

  • SER-GA-122, Maj Clyde M Knight , 23 Dec 2021

  • SER-FL-249, Lt Col Jim J Clark , 30 Dec 2021

  • SER-GA-123, Lt Col Steven  St. Clair , 22 Jan 2022

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